• High Frequency RF Cable
  • High Frequency RF Cable

Model : RG179/U,RG316/U,RG174/U

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Product Electrical Characteristics:

Style Conductor Insulation
Jacket Capacitance Impedance VSWR(max)
AWG NO.AWG Diameter Coverage Diameter (pF/FT) (ohms) Frequency(Hz)
(%) (mm) 3G 6G
RG-179/U 30 7x38 1.58 95 2.54 19.5 75 1.2 1.3
RG-316/U 26 7x34


95 2.52 29 50 1.2 1.3
RG-174/U 26 7x34 1.40  95 2.79 30 50 1.2



Conductor: Silver coated copper clad steel
Insulation: FEP Teflon
Braid: Sliver coated copper
Jacket: FEP Teflon
Jacket Thickness: 0.25~0.62 mm
Temperature Range: -70°C~200°C
Voltage Rating: 30V CMP


Continuous working temperature range:
Resistant to solvents, chemicals, gasoline
and radiation.
Low Dielectric Strength permits extremely
fast transmission and low loss.
Minimal single distortion.
Tough flexible resistant to crush, abrasion.


Application include mobile phone, pc and peripherals,

home appliances, PDA, digital still camera, GPS, netword access device,

Video/Audio equipment, security equipment, medical equipment,

lighting equipment, Remote control, wrist watch, carphone,

hands-free voice-controlled device, broadcast equipment,

identification card, shopping mall information, etc.

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