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  • The Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is a video interface standard covering the transmission of video between a source device (such as a personal coputer) and a display device.
  • The DVI standard has achieved widespread acceptance in the PC industry, both in desktop
  • PCs and monitors. Most contemporary retail desktop PCs and LCD monitors feature a DVI interface and many other devices (such as projectors and consumer televisions) support DVI indirectly through HDMI, another video interface standard.
  • Most laptops still have legacy VGA and, in some models, HDMI ports, but fewer have DVI.


  • DVI Digital Single Link ( 1 x TMDS )
  • DVI Digital Dual  Link  ( 2 x TMDS )
  • DVI Digital Single Link & Analog ( 1 x TMDS + RGB )
  • DVI Analog
  • Halogen or PVC Jacket available
  • RoHS / Reach compliant


  • UL : CMP, CMR, CM, 20276
  • CSA : CMG


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